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  • The Process
    A consultation is required before we can proceed with any treatment. The laser technician will check the areas to be treated, to ensure the hair is suitable for treatment and then perform a small patch test to determine that the skin and hair will react as desired. The area will need to be shaved prior to treatment, as this allows for the heat energy to be concentrated into the hair follicle under the skin rather than on the surface. The areas will be marked out to ensure precision and the treatment will be performed thoroughly. Aftercare advice will be provided following treatment. After the treatment, you should expect your hair to continue to grow as normal for the first 10-14 days before it begins to falls out, as the hair has been killed during your treatment. The skin will then be smooth for a number of weeks before the hair begins to grow again as the new hair growth cycle begins. With each treatment, the laser will damage the hair follicle progressively which means that with each treatment your hair will grow back thinner and slower. A course of averagely 8 treatments is recommended for each person, however due to hormones, hair types and individuality, this could vary. Treatments on the face are recommended every 4 weeks and 6 weeks for the body.
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